Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well I have been pretty busy since I returned to Canada. After the weekend at the cottage and a few days in London at my parent's house, my sister Ashley and I flew out to PEI to meet up with the Browns- my mother's fabulous family. We had an amazing time on Prince Edward Island. We were there about 4 days I think and then my parents, Ashley, and myself flew back to Toronto and then drove right up to the cottage. I am currently at the cottage soaking up all I can of it.
While on PEI we played on the beach (I refused to enter the freezing ocean), kayaked on the lakes, had fabulous long conversations and walks, and of course we ate and ate and ate! You know, typical family bonding. The weather was so stunning. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
And FYI PEI is BEAUTIFUL!!! I hadn't been to the island since I was small and it is stunning!! I don't think I saw anything more beautiful than the rolling sand dunes of PEI in all of my travels. I have seen lots of beautiful things, scenes as beautiful, but not more beautiful. Of course the strangely hot and super sunny days helped, they are a bit of a rarity for the island.
Enjoy the pics. (i hope they load)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I may have left the most beautiful city in the world when I left Paris, but I got to return to the most beautiful place. I know that sounds cheesy but In all my travels, and all I have seen, Muskoka remains the most beautiful place in the world. Along with my parents, Ashley and Geoff; Jen, Theo and Piper came up, as well as my Auntie Sue, and my aunts and uncles on my Dad's side came as well to say farewell to the cottage.
It was a wonderful weekend, even if I was severely jet-legged.
Reverse culture shock has started to affect me, I was rather paralysed when I went into Starbucks. I mild kind of panic attack followed but I calmed myself down without drawing attention. I don't know if I am quite ready for grande over-priced coffee. I am working on that though.