Sunday, September 13, 2009

One week left.

Well I am nearing the end of my internship with Action Aid India's Aashray Adhikar Abhiyan (AAA). One week left to go. I have written up my observer report and I am just editing and adding to it at the moment. I created some template Log Frame Analysis (LFA) for each of the clinics to help the staff at AAA create their goals and objectives for the health clinics. These are also used to review and evaluate if a program is being successful.
I have been asked to create a Program Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) system for AAA. I will not be able to create the entire system for them as it needs to be done as a collective by the staff and volunteers, but I will create a template for them.
It was very affirming to be asked to do this, they obviously see that I have something of value to add, and I am the closest thing they will come to an expert on this stuff (scary I know). I might be green but I have the tools to do it, I have created such systems in my program and I was good at it there.

I was asked if AAA has the physical tools I need to do this work (computers, printers, etc). It has limited equipment and I am very glad I have my own computer. I would be writing everything by hand if I didn’t and then typing up when I could grain access. This organization is asked to do so much but they have been given so little. They are in desperate need for a few new computers, laptops would be helpful. They don’t have a scanner or a fax machine.

This is my organization’s website if anyone is interested. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it still has lots of information.

This week I will be taking pictures at the clinics so I will be able to upload some soon.

As always, questions, comments and advice are welcome!