Friday, September 14, 2007

Back in Canada

Well I am back. From door to door it has taken 30hrs and I have not slept more than 20mins.
I was delayed for 2.5 hours in Atlanta and then there was construction on the 401 driving home....all in all I am now in London and it is 4am.

I am emotional and tired.
Lets see how things are after some proper sleep and the realization that I am back in Canada sinks in a little more. Right now, I miss Tokyo, well actually I miss Talal.

Going to sleep and wake up in a fabulous mood!
That's the plan.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leaving Tokyo

Hello all,
Well today is my last full day in Tokyo. Talal and I will head to Kamakura and then Shibuya tonight for dinner. Tomorrow we go to the airport and I fly....
Packing up my place was horrible. I was totally overwhelmed, but Talal came to the rescue and keep me moving when I didn't think I could take it anymore. How on earth do I have so much stuff?!! It was hellish and involved a lot of tears but now it is done so my last day will be stress free. It is raining here and threatens to rain all day but Talal and I are still going to go through with our plans.

This is the last post from me in Japan.
I will keep my blog up and work as in January I head back out traveling for six months. So stay tuned for those adventures and the planing off which will be documented on the blog.

Thanks to those who supported me while I was here during the ups and downs of life in Japan.

Next post will be from the other side of the world.

I will miss Tokyo. The people and the city.


Monday, September 10, 2007

oh Tokyo Disneyland....

and the ears...clearly he looks TOKYO DISNEYLAND!!! My first trip to Disneyland since the age of about 5 or 6... a trip I hardly remember. This one was more memorable. Talal and I went a little later in the day to try to avoid the heat and crowds....heat avoided, such luck. Talal being the best boyfriend ever, bought a pair of Micky ears to go with my Mini ears. We were so cute we were down right sickening, however we were STILL beaten out in that category by several Japanese couples. They just can't be beaten! Anyway you see a before and after shot of Talalsoooo much better with the ears! We waited too long to meet Micky, but hey I will probably never meet Micky again....and Talal had the ears, so it was a must! We did a few rides. I loved the spiny cups as you see. We waited in a 1.5hr line for the Whinnie the Pooh ride which was great but not worth the wait. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was fun. The light show in the evening was cool but we didn't stay for the whole thing as the crowds were rather crushing. The rides as Tokyo Disney Sea beat out Tokyo Disneyland but it was still cool to chill in the magical kingdom. And no Disney can be like Disney in Japan!!!

Pictures of My Classes

These children, most of the time, were the best part of each day. I couldn't have asked for a better job here in Tokyo. My classes had children aged 1-5, and one class of 6-8yr olds but sadly I forgot my camera that day. I have addresses for some of the schools and I intend to send them postcards from Canada and my travels. In these pictures many of the students are trying to show off their spiffy Canadian tattoos. cute!

Friday, September 07, 2007

My last week or so in Tokyo

Hello all,
My internet has been out at my apartment for the last week so I have not been able to return emails or update my blog. My apologies.
Today I am at my office, it is my last day of work here in Tokyo.
I have been taking pictures of all of my classes and I will post them as soon as I have internet access again and can upload photos.
I have been having a wonderful weak of bitter sweet goodbyes. Looking back now I realized that I have made a lot of friends here in Tokyo, particularly over the past two months. I can't believe the tight friendships I have made since working at Gaba. I was given a wonderful goodbye party last weekend which ended in some crazy karaoke.
I will miss Tokyo, I will miss my job, the children, the Japanese staff, and my co-workers. My each day I say goodbye to a different group of students and they have made me feel so loved and missed. One class memorized the phrase "Thank you very much, we will never forget you." in English!!! They are only 5! It was so touching. Other classes have given presents made by the children or flowers. I in turn have been temporary tattooing the children of Tokyo with Canadian flags and maple leaves. Each class has been so delighted. The temporary tattoos were such a great choice since they are very rare in Japan and most of the teachers had never seen anything like it. Those children who were not up for tattoos got to get shinny stickers, also Canadian in theme. Mom, thanks so much for sending me the tattoos and stickers. I might have to bring temporary tattoos with me as part of my permanent travel kit.
My last few days here in Tokyo will be very full. Tonight I am heading to Odabia with Talal and his friends. Tomorrow Talal and I are hitting Tokyo Disneyland. Sunday we will stroll through Ginza (they close the streets to car traffic ever Sunday), then in the afternoon my student Miho will show Talal and I the results of our English lesson by giving us a Yoga lesson in English, then after that Talal and I will head to Yokohama- ride the ferris wheel and all that. Then Monday it is all business stuff- city office for forms, trip to the bank, packing. The evening is full of my last private lessons and dinner with one of my students. Then Tuesday and Wednesday will be Tokyo days - I am planning to hit Kamakura with Talal one day and Kichijyoji by myself on the other. My last night in Japan will probably involve Karaoke, but other than that I don't have fixed plans. Then Thursay I fly. Talal is taking me to the airport even though I have asked him not to. Crying at the airport is never a nice experience and I have done too much of that already but he won't give up the idea.

So just in case my internet remains down and you don't hear from me until I am in Canada again, this is what I am doing.