Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So today was my first day working at Fresh. Fresh is a vegetarian vegan restaurant which I love! It is going to be busy but it should be fun and I will get to eat lots of their yummy food. I am planning on getting a second job so I can make some more money.
Anyway, thats it for me now.


Anonymous said...

Fresh by Juice for Life? I just checked the wesite. Which location are you working in: Bloor, Crawford or Spadina?
The photos on the website are great!
I hope you have fun people to work with.

PS Tears during Thanksgiving in Italy, tears and laughter over meditating in India. I am just starting Bali and that's working for me too. It's all good.

Linden said...

I am on Spadina.
Eat Pray Love was certainly funny, even if we got every detail of her personal struggles and her heart break.