Saturday, December 15, 2007

Preparing for Christmas

So I was in London over my birthday weekend and I was "helping" my parents get ready for a big Christmas party they were putting on. The house is not fully decorated yet but here are some pictures as we start to get it ready. The tree is amazing! it is kind of a cross between a Dr. Seuss tree and the tree in the Nutcracker at the moment it grows crazy big and the nutcracker comes to life. The ceilings are bout 12 feet I think. We had to cut the tree down a bit to fit the star, and the star still touches the ceiling.
Just a quick note about the second picture. Well my dear sister Ashely gave my parents a framed photo of her and Geoff to try to balance out the Meredith pictures. Well what did my mum do? She went to the computer and printed off another picture of Meredith and put it in a frame. Meredith 3, Ashely 1. hehe lets keep up the good work Mer. Sorry Alec, you didn't make the cut at all.
Anyway, my childhood home was made for Christmas and I can't wait to get back there and to continue "helping" and relaxing in everything a Tokyo Christmas is NOT!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pictures Linden. I was able to share them with nana & granddad as well - the place looks wonderful!
Thinking og you - Did you get the card I sent for your birthday?