Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well I am back in India and with my darling Javed.

We are in Delhi now. I flew into Mumbai just over a week ago now and after a day there we went down to Goa to Palollem Beach.

I was just looking through my old blog entries to try to find the name of a hotel I ate at here in Delhi last time and I read some of my first thoughts abut India. It seems now in hindsight that I was bound to fall in love in this country and that I would return. I don't believe in fate, but my heart was certainly open when I arrived here and clearly ready and willing to embrace what India offered me.
I might have grown to dislike Delhi over my multiple returns to this city but I am ready to see it anew this time around. That being said I have not yet left the hotel since my arrival. I have been focusing on my research for a project proposal to get vocational programs to neglected youth in Darfur for Plan Canada. Oh and studying for my exams that await me on my return to Toronto.

Tomorrow Javed and I head to Agra as he has to lead a group there. We have less than two days together now. Our time together has been short but positively splendid.
I will try to update this blog a little more regularly. Last post was July...oops.


Anonymous said...

Well, Linden, it is time to update your profile. You will be there in a matter of hours. Looking forward to following your notes and ideas related to living in Delhi and working with Action Aid. Take good care.Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Linden
I am also watching for your next update in your world travelling saga. I let the opportunities slip away for a proper good-bye in PEI (with Chris's severe allergic reaction at the same time as the rush to the ferry) and I am sorry for that.
Thinking of you,