Friday, September 14, 2007

Back in Canada

Well I am back. From door to door it has taken 30hrs and I have not slept more than 20mins.
I was delayed for 2.5 hours in Atlanta and then there was construction on the 401 driving home....all in all I am now in London and it is 4am.

I am emotional and tired.
Lets see how things are after some proper sleep and the realization that I am back in Canada sinks in a little more. Right now, I miss Tokyo, well actually I miss Talal.

Going to sleep and wake up in a fabulous mood!
That's the plan.



Katherine said...

Welcome home. I don't know what to say, really, other than I'm sorry you had to say good-bye.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linden,
The pressure is on (from me ...scarey, what?)for you to continue with regular posts. I know you can make Canada look as wonderful as Japan and the adventures within as compelling.

Nina said...

hope you are having a good time in London!


Anonymous said...

time for an update please

love mer

Anonymous said...

What's happening now that you are back in Toronto? Miss the posts. I hope you update soon.