Monday, April 14, 2008


There are three things that when combined can comfort even those suffering from "delhi belly", they are: comfy over sized pjs, BBC's Pride and Prejudice, and one's Mum. I have none of these things, but I do have caring friends who have been through it and are compassionate.
This morning as I boarded my 6:30am train I almost burst into tears wanting my mum, but I am feeling better. My stomach has yet to decide which end it will direct my lunch. Sorry if that is crude, but such is a traveller's reality in India. I have been very fortunate so far.
I still want my mum.
The heat still climbs. It has to be at least 40 today.
I am dreaming of the Himalayas.


Anonymous said...

Dear Linden....what is happening now? Where are you going? It is a month before the Tibetain trip!
Great sunrise today, over the Atlantic. I think we will walk around St., eh? Thank you for your note and I am hoping you are feeling better. Love you, Mom

A said...

Linden you got your wish!!! did you lose weight? Hahah