Sunday, April 20, 2008

Will update ASAP

I am in Khajuraho.
I have so many stories for you all but I don't have time to write them at the moment.
I fell down the stairs at a temple here and sprained my ankle rather badly. My friends are doing a fabulously job taking care of me but as on yet I still can't walk.
I don't know when I will have access to a computer again, maybe Varanasi. I will update when I can.



Anonymous said...

lovely linden!!

hope that ankle feels better soon...i'm in new york and wishing you were here to explore the city with me. miss you lots and loving reading about all of your adventures.

MWA (that's a kate kiss!)

x k

Anonymous said...

Dear Linden, I trust your ankle is on the mend and that you are able to get around without too much pain. I tried to find out where you were staying but no luck. Hope you can call soon.
Your dad's golfing buddies have returned home, and we are on our last week at the beach. Love, Mom