Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Cherry Blossoms are Out

Yes the cherry blossoms are just coming out. They are early this year because of the very warm winter that we have all enjoyed here in Japan.
If there is no great storm - wind or rain, they should be in full splender for the arrival of my parents....6 days until they arrive!!!


momanddad said...

I don't know Linden....the beauty looks pretty far advanced! Glad you shot some photos! We are both very excited to see you and your environs...Just have to get your Dad well and as he can not stop everything to pay attention to his health, that is a challenge. Every day is better and soon this cold will be a thing of the past.
Love you

mgbevans said...

those pictures are beautiful!! we have piles of snow here, hope you are enjoying the springish weather

Katherine said...


I told your mom to give you a hug and kiss from me. Don't let her forget.