Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ueno Zoo and Mhairi's Birthday

Last Sunday we went to the Zoo.
Thats right, we went to Ueno Zoo for Mhairi's birthday. Her actual birthday was on Feb 28th, Ani came over and we ordered pizza, which I of course decorated with 23 candles, and watched Heros. The zoo was the offical bday celebration.
Sunday was a beautiful day and so warm.
We started off at the zoo, then hit the paddle boats in Ueno park and then topped it off with TGI Fridays, massive beers and a warm chocolate brownie which was intended to be Mhairi's bday cake but she didn't get any... we did offer to get another one but she said she didn't want any. I know, she is crazy. If you have not had the good fortune to have tried a TGI Friday's brownie, you really should. They are just fabulous.
Yeah so enjoy the pics.

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mom said...

Happy Birthday Mhairi!!
Looking forward to meeting you next week!!!!! Take good care, fondly Sue