Monday, March 26, 2007

JK Day 2

Well JK has now left and is Taiwan on bike business. We had a great day last Saturday. We went to the Meji Shrine in Harajuku in the morning after a picnic breakfast in Ueno park. The Meji Shrine is surrounded by 40 hectares of forest. It is really magical as one doesn't often find themselves in such a forest in the middle of one the the largest metropolises in the world. We also took a walk through the Meji gardens which are located on the grounds of the Shrine. All beautiful and peaceful, very Zen.
Then we headed down Omotosando, took a tour of the Ralf Lauren store which really spoils the shopper for other stores. We continued down this rue de fashion and stopped at my favorite Thai restaurant for lunch. Then on our way back to the train station we ducked down the Harajuku alleyways, buying and enjoying a crepe, and a stop in at a soccer store to buy soccer shirts for the game. Then it was back to my apartment for a rest. JK and Dimitri passed out so fast, I didn't get a chance to sleep.
Then it was off to the game. After some delays with finding the right stadium in Yokohama, and collecting Ani the four of us made it to the Kirin Cup - Japan vs. Peru. It was very exciting. Japan won 2-0. I wore my new Japan soccer shirt.
As 60,000 people exited the stadium we had to wait out the crowds and ended up catching one of the last trains back to Tokyo. We were all so tired that we back out of a night out clubbing and headed to my apartment were we all passed out.
JK left on Sunday.
I had a wonderful time with him here. I really feel honoured that he took the time to come and stop in to visit me on his way to Taiwan.
I didn't take any pictures, JK has them, and when he sends them to me I will post them.

Today I am checking out a possible guest house that is really close to Shibuya and Shimo Kitazawa.

I hope the place is good, it is great on paper.

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suebd said...

OH!!! one of those crepes! They looked so good and I never got one...hmmm. Good luck house hunting- did you decide against that first one across for the school? Sounds like there will be more to chose from. Thinking about you and that process.