Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting ready for Nepal!

Today will be my last day in Udaipur for a while. Tonight Javed and I will catch the sleeper train to Delhi, and then on the 19th I fly to Nepal to do some white water rafting and hiking in the Himalayas while Javed leads a tour group through sweltering Rajasthan. That's right folks, it is REALLY HOT here. Today is one of the worst, last night their was hardly any relief from the heat. Udaipur with its mountains and lakes is one of the most comfortable places in Rajasthan during these months, but not today! I can't wait to get into the Himalayas!!!
Tomorrow, during my day in Delhi, I will meet with the family of a colleague of my father's. I am looking forward to seeing another Indian family home.
Javed's mother is unhappy I am leaving, she tells me she will miss me. Her kindness touches me deeply. I have promised I will return in a few weeks. I will miss her.
After Nepal, Javed and I plan to head to Shimla (north India, Himalayan foothills) on the "toy train". The Toy Train is a narrow gauge train that is slow but historic and passes through beautiful country. ( Then we plan to go through Punjab and visit the Golden Temple (the most important Shikh temple. ( Then return to Udaipur for my last few days before I fly to Mumbai and then to Paris.
I am excited to be on the road again!
I can't wait to update with pictures of the Himalayas!!!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lind,
People at school ask regularly about your adventures. I hope this stage of your journey is all you hoped it would be. Got the Opera at the ready?