Friday, May 02, 2008

Rishikesh- shamefully short update

Sorry I have no time to write. The Internet cafe is closing.
I will update with pics and lots of stories when I get to Udaipure.
Basically Rishikesh has been nice. We went north to a small town for a few days. The pine trees there reminded me of my favorite place in the whole world and almost made me homesick but than I looked up and saw the snow peaks of the Himalayas and got over it.
I am excited to return to Udaipur, and excited to get back to the hills after that!
My Himalayan Loop trip with GAP has been officially cancelled. Another year.

Next up: Indian wedding!

Javed is taking great care of me. He spoils me rotten but also teases me endlessly. He would totally fit in at my family's dinners at the cottage.

Very happy.
Don't want to leave India. Well I will go to Nepal and then come back!

More from Udaipur.


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Anonymous said...

Love seeing another post and how happy you are in India.
The sun is shining and the St John River rises to record levels here in New Brunswick. Here on top of the hill we are fine. So was that why we didn't buy waterfront?