Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jaipur bombings


I am safe.

I watched the news about Jaipur last night from the safety of my hotel room in Udaipur. Javed started getting calls from friends to make sure he was safe just after the news broke and we turned on the tv right away. It is so scary. Javed says he doesn't know why this group has done the bombings. The English news channel was not saying anything as to why these would happen either.

The Palace of Winds where the bombs went off is very beautiful and I could not get the faces of the shop keepers and tuk tuk drivers out of my mind. I spent a good deal of time wandering the exact area where the blasts went off. I am so sorry this has happened, at the same time I am glad I am safe in Udaipur and Javed discouraged me from going back to Jaipur because of the heat.

Javed tried calling his friends in Jaipur but the networks were overloaded and he couldn't get through.

My heart goes out to the people of Jaipur.

A colleague of my father's has family in Jaipur. I hope they are alright. I am sure they are as it was a touristy part of the old city that was hit and it is unlikely they would be anywhere near there. I am also grateful that this is the low season for tourists. There are only a handful walking around these days. Everyday the heat increases here in Rajasthan and all over India.

I know that those at home are thinking about the people of Jaipur.

Such a tragic waste of innocent life.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for contacting us, by email and the blog entry. The cyclone in Burma, the earthquake in China....I have been more worried about environmental diasters and I forgot about the human initiated ones. June 27 can't come soon enough for me. Love you, and continue to take good care, Mom

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the "i am safe" message...i was reading the bbc news this morning and was quite worried about you. so glad you're not in jaipur right now and that you're safe and sound. scary stuff.


Anonymous said...

Kashmir, Azmir, Hyderabad, jaipur…….
Every one should condemn these activities and I expect true Indian never do these types of activities. Because of these activities common man doesn’t have security so please stop these activities. Interesting blog please watch my blog give your suggestions.
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