Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Found an Apartment!!

I found an apartment!
Mhairi and I might not eat this next month so we can put down the security deposit but I saw a great one today and we should get it.
Ash and Jenna and all my guest, there is space for you! And I even have a desk for ya Ash, and there is internet connection. The bedrooms are really big and it is all brand spanking new! never been lived in, no bugs, no dirt. new shower and bathroom, new fridge. the only thing used is the TV and it cant changed over the English shows to English (they are dubbed) so we will probably need to get a more modern one and we are looking into getting satellite TV so we can get bbc, cnn, fox and stuff in English. There is one new double bed which I am letting Mhairi have cause she hates the futon mates we sleep on. I don’t mind sleeping on the floor so much so we are all good. oh and i have extra mates and blankets for my guests! i will need to get you guys a pillow though, I would like one myself come to think of it. The kitchenette and little dinning space are small but it is very sunny and CLEAN!!! you have no idea the apartments I have seen.
Oh for those of you who are interested it is one north of the Ueno station which is on the Hybia line. The station name is Iryia (r's are L's in Japanese). I want to get a bike for Tokyo and we will probably be able to bike to Ueno which has fabulous shopping, museums, and a ZOO!!! how cool is that!!! And Ueno is one of the major stations and connects to the Yamanote line which goes in a circle around the center of Tokyo so we are just outside of the Yamanote circle which is pretty central for Tokyo. are rent is inclusive, internet and everything and is $750 CAN a month. My rent in TO was more then that!
So if I have to send out another message saying we didn’t end up getting the apartment I will not be happy. But as of the moment there is no reason we shouldn’t get it.


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Mom and Auntie Cheryl said...

Dear Linden
We just reviewed the site and A. Cheryl thinks it is just great. It is fun to hear how positive you are. Keep me posted on the apt issues.
Love you
M. and A.C.