Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ani's Birthday

Ani’s Birthday
So last Sunday was Ani’s birthday. After a nice spaghetti dinner with caesar salad and garlic bread we had the cake. The cake was created by myself but inspired by Ani. The cake was a tower of doughnuts. These doughnuts are the best things ever, and I don’t really even like doughnuts and these are amazing. Ani was so thrilled. After dinner we went to out to some karaoke place and it was crazy!!! Almost everyone came out, there was about 15 of us or more. We got there around 11pm and we left around 2 or 3am when it closed. We sang everything it was fabulous! The play list was as big as a phone book. We of course made asses of ourselves but it was lots of fun. It was also all you can drink with the price of admission so well we made sure we got our money’s worth and we ordered all kinds of crazy stuff just to see what it was like. The funniest thing was when the beer came. The brought a bunch of pitchers but the glasses they brought were so tiny! We were laughing all night. After we left Ani felt a craving for a burger so we went to a 24hr restaurant but they were out of burgers which is odd but whatever. All in all we didn’t get back until around 4am, work the next day was surprisingly not that bad. Well that night was also Ani and Nina’s send off. They have moved to Tokyo now. It is just me and Mhairi left in Ota now. (just click on the picture to see it-sorry I can't figure out what happened or how to change it)

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