Thursday, November 02, 2006


So Halloween was crazy. Mhairi was a butterfly and I was a butterfly catcher. As you will see in the pictures, I looked completely crazy! We went to a party at the Brazilian bar around the corner and we won a price for the most original costume. We won a bottle of wine and some crazy stuffed skeleton that dances and sings. Today was spent in recovery. I was so tired. I got a call from my sister Jen and I got to talk to Theo and David. Piper was so tired from her trick or treating that she had passed right out when they got home. Theo however told me that she had gotten 143 candies and that she was going to send me some. Jen promised to send me pictures and David is still trying to wrap his head around somehow buying Burberry tights. David, you are lucky you have a production staff to save the day. I have been enjoying that story all day!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Linden
Waiting for those photos.....

Anonymous said...

Lind, your Halloween costume sounds great!

I cannot wait to see the photos. I'll send you pics of the MedFormal and my Halloween soon.

Love Ash