Friday, February 16, 2007

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
You gave me three weeks, it has been five months. Come on Dad, when have I ever done what I have been told?
I am so looking forward to your trip. And if you were staying long enough I would be spending my time scouting out golf courses and driving ranges for you, but as you are only here a week there will be no time. Stay longer and I will see what I can do....
Oh and you should try to get the bucket seats on the plane- the emergency exit seats. Your knee will have all the space you need there. And British Airways is NOT the standard in flying as I found out on my first flight to Asia so be prepared to be squished and to not be able to see the movie screen which is not on the back on the seat in front. But I know that no matter how uncomfortable the flight you will only be thinking of the fact you get to see me so you will be okay.

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