Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Auntie Karen

Four years ago my Aunt Karen was diagnosed with brain cancer. At that time I barely new her.
This evening (Feb. 26, 7:00pm Atlantic time) she passed away, I had gotten a chance to get to know her.
The death sentence she was given four years ago united the family. As tragic as that may seem, it does not feel as tragic to me.
My aunt was given time. She got to greet her grandchildren Liam and Olivia when they came into the world, she got to go on family vacations with her three sisters and parents, and most importantly she saw how very loved she was and how lucky she was to have a family that would do anything for her.
I got to get to know her. And that is a gift I will always hold dear.
Kathy and James I can't even imagine how hard this has been for you.
Mom, Auntie Judy, Auntie Cheryl, Nana and Granddad you are an amazing family and you gave her so much.
I wish I could be there.

Auntie Karen, oh the beautiful world you must be in now. If you have a chance to check out Japan, I recommend it. It is really cool. You would love it.

My love to all.

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Aunt Joy said...

Hi Linden,
Jamie & I discovered your blog when we were reading about Claire's conference. We are so sorry to hear that Karen has died; our hearts go out to your Mom and especially your grandparents. We know what a painful and difficult time this is for the whole family. But you are right, they are close and loving and will make it, as they must.
We all want to send flowers to the funeral home. I hope you are able to check your blog today and can send us the name and address and phone number of the Funeral Home so we can have flowers delivered in time for the funeral.
You are all in our prayers. God be with you.
Please give our love to your Mom and grandparents.
Aunt Joy & Uncle Jamie