Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mid-week update

Well life is moving on here in Tokyo without Ashley but I still miss her greatly.
I am continuing to get private students. I now have a young boy who takes a two hour lesson ever Sunday and a little girl who has two lessons a week. I was just hired tonight by a small language company. They are mainly a Chinese language school but they teach some English classes and I am now their English teacher along with one other Canadian guy who is really cool.
I have a few more interested students who have set up trial lessons so hopefully they will become students.
Sooo I am keeping myself very busy.
I am recovering from being sick. The symptoms may suggest it was just a cold but I still say Ashley's leaving me brought it on.
Mhairi has also become sick now but her cold is in her chest where mine was in my sinuses mainly.
Ani is doing well and keeping herself amused with the people at her work.
Nina's farewell party is this Sunday. She doesn't leave until the end of February but her family comes to visit in a week so the only time we have to spend together just us girls is this Sunday.
I hope everyone is well doing their various things. I would love to hear from you.
I go from feeling like I am floating on my back, to swimming hard, to barely able to tread water here in Tokyo. All these emotions can come on me in the course of a day or a few hours. Hearing from home always makes my days better.


Mom said... you need any ESL materials?

Claire said...

Oh my gosh Linden! Your pictures are so beautiful and you look so lovely! You and Ashley look like you had so much fun. Friends are amazing to have, but there's nothing like a sister to keep one company, eh? Hope you're still doing well.
Talk to you...sometime! Oh! I'm going back to the Philippines this year; possibly May or Sept--I should catch a flight over to visit you! What do you think?

Claire said...

ps how would you feel if I kinda copied your tattooed map idea?

Dad said...

Dear Linden,
Why are you working so hard? You should be scouting out golf courses. Or planing to come home; your 3 weeks (months?) are long past. See you in Japan next month! I am currently arguing with the airlines to get an aisle seat...I was squished by the window on the way to Florida. Not Good!
Love you