Monday, February 12, 2007

Free the Children Tokyo

Okay so Ani and I went to this concert at the Canadian Embassy.... it was in partnership with Free the Children Tokyo. Now many of you reading this might not understand why this is funny. Free the Children is a great organization, no problems with it exactly. The humor lies in that Free the Children was started by Craig Kielburger who went to Trinity College with Ani and I, same year and all. There is nothing wrong with Craig, it is more the whole hoopla surrounding him and well if you didn't got to Trin you probably cant understand.
Anyway... Ani and I were trying to hard not to laugh at the fact we were at a Free the Children even in TOKYO when we avoided them in Toronto. It was really really funny.
And the whole Free the Children thing wasn't the funniest bit. OH man the performers! They were good, most amateur but fine. One of the last acts of the night was done by this "Choir" from Tokyo. They were a group of 40+ women wearing really tacky black and gold clubbing outfits and they had all their songs choreograph! Oh how I wish I had a video camera. I can not describe to you what this looked like. Props to them man, they were good and entertaining but oh man it is not something you would EVER see in Canada or probably anywhere outside Japan. God I love this country!
Any and I were killing ourselves laughing. But don't think we weren’t supporting. We were standing up in our seats and clapping along with everyone else! That Choir were not the only crazy acts of the night but they will be the most memorable.
I don't know how much I can fully express how much I love the crazy tackiness that thrives in this country. I really love Japan!

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