Friday, June 06, 2008

Amistar, Pakistani border

Well plans have changed as happens so often when traveling. Our friend Puja was detained in Delhi so Javed and I went to Amritsar along the border with Pakistan to meet up with Megan and Nick- friends of mine from highschool that are traveling in India. Amritsar is the home of the Golden Temple, the most important holy shrine for the Sheiks. Amritsar was deathly hot. Javed felt it was the hottest he has ever been and coming from a guy from Rajasthan, that is saying something. I have no idea what the temperature actually was, it was in the mid-forties for sure. In the evening we went to the India-Pakistani border to watch the border ceremony. It was so amazing! There were soo many people there. There was dancing (Megan and I were pulled up to join in) and patriotic chanting from both sides. It felt more like we were at a sporting event than a border event between two rather hostile countries. I was so thrilled to be there. We didn't stay in Amritsar for very long as ti was too hot and there isn't so much to do there. We are now in Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama and the seat of the Tibetan government. Tomorrow we are going to do some sightseeing.
I have delayed my time in India to spend 10 more days with Javed. This cuts into my time in Paris but does not affect my return to Canada.

Note- I need to apologize for my last blog entry. While I did not realize it at the time, I said things that I shouldn't have. I have taken it down. I haven't reread it, frankly I am embarrassed to, but the emails I received from people I love have made me feel very ashamed. I am so deeply sorry. It was not my intention to hurt, honestly it wasn't.

I am working hard to put myself in a better emotional place. Being with Javed is a huge help.


Anonymous said...

Dear Linden, I can't even imagine that kind of heat!!! Ash (with me) drove her car from Ottawa in 30 degree heat (with humidity) and you know what that was like...harkened back to your road trip through the Maritimes years ago. I think even your love of warm and cozy is being challenged by the weather. Good you can be flexible as a traveller and manage how you use your time. Very glad to know you will be home soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linden,
It is hard to believe that your travels will see you on the atlantic coast with us all and Anne, the dali lama of the east (east coast that is)!
Love, love, love you,