Monday, June 23, 2008

A Hellish Journey but I am here - Paris!

So the saying goes, "getting there is half the fun".... or something like that. Well when it comes to air travel, I would beg to differ.
I just experienced some of the worst of airport nightmares- missed connections, lost bookings, bookings never made, kind airline supervisors replaced by hellish ones at the last stage of fixing a problem, total exhaustion, no sleep, uncomfortable sleep, endless walking, literally running betweeen trains that connect the massive heathrow (yes, in all of this I ended up in England for 6 hours), smashed toes causing very painful walking and running.
Lets just say I am very happy to be in Paris, rather I am trying to be happy in Paris, mostly that experienced had me stairing at the departure boards and at the flights headed to Toronto and just wanting to forget Paris and just go home. But now I am here and it is beautiful, the little I have seen anyway.
I saw my friend Beth last night, tonight I will stay in a hotel and tomorrow I should be staying with my friend Constance. I am very much looking forward to checking into my hotel (1 more hour) and going back to bed!!!!!
I am planning to do a free walking tour this afternoon and probably meet up with Constance for dinner.
FYI- Paris is cold! I know, laugh at the girl who has been in India for three months but lord 15-20° (not sure exactly) is cold!!!! I will have to dig in my beg for my one long-sleved shirt. The wrap is not cutting it.
okay i am heading back to that amazing looking backery I passed and buyinging myself some bread and cheese.
This French keyboard is really giving me a hard time, and reaching the "a" key is cramping my baby finger.
p.s. Paris looks just like the post cards!!


Kate Trebuss said...

oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely hellish. i send my travel condolences!!!

eat lots and lots of delicious brie and croissants for me to compensate for flight nightmares...

congrats on making it there in one piece!!!

hugs hugs,

Anonymous said...

safe mom