Friday, June 13, 2008

Back in Udaipur

I am back in Udaipur. I would like to upload pics of my time in Dharamasala but I have to pay to upload at this Internet cafe!! so annoying!
I am settling back into my old routine here. After I wake up I head to Javed's family home to help his mother with breakfast, any chores she will allow me to do (she has lost all rights to the dishes, they are mine!) then we make lunch. I am becoming as she said, a chapatti master! I just hope my skills will last me until I arrive home. After lunch Javed and I chill together for a few hours before I head back to the house to help prepare dinner. After dinner I am generally so exhausted that I just head back to the hotel and crash. Physical labour man, its exhausting!
To add some extra purpose to my time here, and to help me remember how to cook these dishes, I have begun work on a cookbook. I am writing down javed's mother's verbal recipes, estimating amounts (handful of this spice would be..., that large spoon is what? 1/4 cup?), and taking photos along the way. I plan to buy one of the beautiful leather bound books here and put it all together before I leave. I am very excited about it and I can't wait to show Javed's mother and mine.
So that is what my life is like at the moment.
Udaipur is much cooler than I expected. We are experiencing some early monsoon weather ever few days. it cools things down a lot.


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Anonymous said...

We are so excited about you returning and our family holiday in PEI....And, London is looking pretty good these days!
Love you