Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tokyo Continuned....

If you have never heard of this gaijin strip of Tokyo then am not sure how to describe it to you. Roppongi is a neighbourhood in Tokyo unlike anything I have ever seen to date. It is the nightclub district, the gaijin (foreigner) hangout with a little bit of Las Vegas and Time Square mixed into the typical Tokyo landscape. Neon lights, hundreds of people on the streets, hostest bars, club promoters pulling you into their establishments, restaurants and bars packed on top of each other in ten story buildings, drag queens, starbucks, McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, and Lush, are all the things that make up Roppongi.
After walking around and having the most disappointing pizza ever (a story too pitiful to tell), Mhairi and I went into a Sheesha bar on the 7th floor of some building on the main drag. And yes, I choose the bar whose promoter on the street had been the first person to call me beautiful. Flattery goes a long way, and he was pretty beautiful himself. Mhairi and I were good girls, and after a few drinks and refraining from ordering sheesha, we caught the last train (11:55pm) back to our hotel. It was a lot of fun and we were sorry to leave, but taxies are WAY too expensive here and we were not up for dancing the night into the morning, although I am sure that those nights will be in our future. The next morning I caught a train back to Ota for I had to work in the afternoon.
Mhairi and I also walked around the extensive border of the Imperial Palace, pictures of which are below. And although we did view an apartment we choose not to take it as it is too expensive. Our apartment hunt will continue.
The train schedules and route maps which we received on our cell phones are invaluable in Tokyo.

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mom said...

I printed these postings for your Dad to take to Florida...but the photos were spliced! Too bad. I am enjoying the info; looking forward to the next installment.