Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ashley’s Fashion Non-sense

Longchamp. My learning curve for fashion exemplified. I managed to offend and show my ignorance to my sister when I blurted out that I thought her designer bag was a gift bag from some fancy department store.

In my defence, it is canvas.

Sort of silly defence.

I suppose I have been curious as to why increasing numbers of women in Ottawa and Toronto seem to like these bags recently. Durability? No, apparently it's designer. Yes, to all my friends who have tried to help me out of this ignorant hole, I’m afraid I’m still walking into one of the many dirt walls trying to find a way out.

The wealth in this city is incredible to behold. I've never known of a Harry Winston store, seen a Dolce & Gabbana store or encountered a seemingly unlimited number of Gucci stores (A tourist attraction if only for the model-like doormen). Japanese seem to love designer labels. Ralph Lauren has an absolute mansion in Ginza. Random boutiques we entered have Manolo Blahnik shoes... It's overwhelming.

A typical scene as we stroll down any major shopping district are women in kimono/or otherwise elegantly dressed/ lunching with big Burberry, (insert any designer label) bags at their feet. I suppose if I'd spent more time in Yorkville I might be less suprised.

I'm definetly out of my element but finding I'm enjoying the wandering.


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Don't worry Ashely...I didn't know it was a designer bag either!


p.s. don't ask about the user name...