Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where are all the fish?

The first time that Linden and I attempted to find the Tsukiji Fish Market (very famous,#1 thing to do in Tokyo according to the Lonely Planet Guide book) we didn't get there due to some sybling *ahem* heated discussion. We instead bonded over a long breakfast and then made our way to Shimo-Kitazawa (more about that later.)

The second time Linden and I actually did travel all the way to the Fish Market. But when we arrived, the fish hid.

(If you were previously unaware, Linden has a fantastic "pout" look that she is modeling in this picture of a deserted wholesale fish market.)

Apparently, the one day not to go is Sunday. Incidentally, this is the only day we tried. Twice. And by tried, let me explain that you must arrive before 7am as most of the action is completed by 8am. Last Sunday, January 29th we also planned a Friends of the Earth hike and so in order to include the Fish viewing, we rose at 5:30am to pack lunches, find hiking clothes and get organized to leave by 6:30am. We were seriously unimpressed with the lack of fishes.

The picture to the right is a view of the Tokyo skyline behind the empty fish market.

I've sworn off seeing fish auctions and am content to just look at them (quite literally in the eye) on the sushi conveyer belts.

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