Sunday, January 14, 2007


hee hee hee hee...

I'm here...hacking into Linden's blog...sleeping her room...generally driving her crazy (oh the good old days of London). That's what sisters are for. Well, that and wardrobe sharing. Oh I lucked out!

(Don't worry Linden will write too)

For those who don't know, I'm here during my January Term to complete my studies while visiting my dear sister. I'm researching electronic waste for an upcoming paper. Japan has a comprehensive recycling program for electronics, the post will even come to your door and pick up your old monitors and take them to a depot for disassembly.

Living here is a great excuse to observe environmentalism in another country. Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm heading out with Friends of the Earth Japan for a 5hr. nature hike outside of Tokyo. Views of Mt. Fuji are promised.

Sometime next week I'll get around to Greenpeace...So far, many of the same concerns are raised here, but to varying degrees. For instance, the public concern over dioxin contamination, a chemical released in the burning of some plastics, is widely publicized (more so than I remember in Canada). Climate Change too. However, there appears to be little discussion of urban sprawl (obviously I can only glean a bit given the language barrier). This is interesting since Tokyo, at approximately 13 million is a bit less than half the population of Canada.


mom said...

I just looked at the Japanese Greenpeace Website...very comprehensive. I hope you get to meet with them.

Katherine said...

I'm really enjoying all your posts, Ashley! And where have you gone Linden? Happy New Year; I'm enjoying living vicariously through you both.