Friday, January 19, 2007

Linden: My life since Christmas

Hi, it’s Linden.
Sorry I haven't on this much. It is like back at the dinner table when we were little and my parents rarely ever heard me speak...
Things are fine with me here in Tokyo.
I had the most wonderful time with my girlfriends over the New Years break. We were so very busy. It is to much to go into detail with all the things we did but here are the basics:
Dec 27: Isabell and Jenn arrive in the evening.
Dec. 28: Ueno: Park- Dali exhibit, swan boats, shrines. Shopping Ueno style. I was also treated AMAZING lunch as a bday present. Andrea arrives and we are off to dinner in Shinjuku at Arabian Rock!
Dec. 29: Full day of walking and shopping. We walked from Shinjuku to Shibuya and then back to Harajuku for more shopping. Then back to Ani's for a quick rest before we are off to the New York Bar on top the Hyatt for drinks and live jazz. This is the bar featured in Lost in Translation.
Dec. 30: Shinjuku cafe and shopping in the AM then off to Asakusa to see the temple and more shopping (gift shopping this time). Then it is out for Suresh's birthday in Roppongi to dance the night away. I caught the last train home with Mhairi but the girls stayed out and had a fabulous time.
Dec. 31: Off to Odiba to an amazing Onsen! It was like entering a secret society. This experience could be a blog entry to rival any of Ashley's but I wont go into detail. It was completely fabulous even though Ani and I were not allowed to enter the pools on account of our tattoos. Then it was New Years Eve partying at a beautiful club in Roppongi. This club was the kind would might see featured on "The Fabulous life of P.Diddy". It was not be best experience though because it was overcrowded to the extreme and a few total assholes tried their best to ruin our evening. Bottom line- we were together and in Tokyo. It was a new years to remember.
Jan. 1: TOKYO DOME CITY!!! and the scariest rollercoaster ever! It was a total thrill and a slight heart attack. Jenn talked about the amazing view, my response was "what view?". Its not that my eyes were closed, it is just that they never left the tracks in front of us, I had a good idea of how high we were. Then it was off to Shibuya to catch 007: Casino Royal and do some fabulous Karaoke. All in all a nice way to start off 2007. This year isn’t going to be boring.
Jan. 2: Kamakura! We journeyed to this ancient city (1hr outside of Tokyo) to see the temples, shrines, massive Buddha, that make this place famous and unforgettable. It also hosts the nicest Starbucks I have ever seen. Very Zen. Then it was back to Shinjuku and dinner at a Thai restaurant.
Jan. 3: Imperial Palace but the gardens were closed. Then off to Ginza for some shopping and lunch. We all loved it but especially Isabell as we knew she would. It is amazing there- so much style, so much wealth. Three Gucci stores in a block radius! I really wonder if there is anything like Ginza anywhere else in the world. In the afternoon Andrea and I left the girls for the airport. After seeing Andrea to the security gate to catch her flight home, I went to surprise Ashley and very nearly missed her 'cuz she didn’t come out the same way as the other people! Thank goodness I found her (almost missed her) because that would NOT have been good. We came back to my apartment and crashed.
Jan. 4: Jenn and Isabell left. I did not get to see them to say goodbye which made me sad but I said goodbye on the phone. Then Ashley and I left for Kyoto and she took over my blog...

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Mom said...

So many onsen...a spa? Like at Banff? and the Dome Canada's Wonderland but in a tent? Good to hear your voice again. The Week was indeed very, very full!