Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ideas for Garden

There was a bit of a gardening festival thing happening in Yokohama when we went on Sunday.
Mom and Auntie Nancy, I thought of you two right away when I saw these gardens. I think the fan one would be relatively easy to recreate.
They were all very nice and represented different scenes, these are just a few.
FYI, I do realize how ridiculous it is for someone like myself who refuses to garden to give out ideas for gardens... but that changes nothing, the ideas remain.


suebd said...

Stunning! Maureen Potter and I are signed up to take a gardening design course with Sonja Kamp's mother, whose own garden is breath-taking. We start next week. I don't know if I should concentrate on the cottage or the London house. So much to do.... I forwarded your posting to them.
Talk soon

Linden said...

I would focus on London....the cottage is a lot of work and it would take all of your time up there. Then again I dont know what you can do to improve the gradens in london, they are so beautiful.