Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Theo's Birthday

This morning I called my dear darling Theo.
Theo is 7 today!
They were eating dinner and I caught them just before cake.
Theo opened her present while I was on the phone and she was so grateful...so grown up. She now has a set of three Japanese woodblock prints that tell a story, well many stories, and she gets to be the author of them all.
Piper was very excited to get on the phone and tell me all about the picture of the Japanese princesses that Theo got from Japan....TOO CUTE!

I am missing so much.
My heart aches.
Soon, I tell myself. I will see them soon.


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suebd said...

You are such a caring, considerate, and constant Aunt. Theo is indeed a treasure and told me she had a private party with Emily as her special guest. I was struck with how poised she was on the phone, and she was filled with gratitude. She told us about her gift from you. When asked if she blew out all her candles she said she did, with a little help from Emily and Piper...very gracious.
You will see her soon.