Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yokohama on Sunday

wheel in the world (So Yokohama on Sunday with Mhairi and Jenna. Yokohama is the home of what WAS the world's largest Ferris wheel, but as my student Charlie tells me, it no longer holds that distinction as China's Ferris wheel in Shanghai owns that title. So Jenna and I rode the second largest Ferris in the world as Mhairi had already had the terrifying experience as was not interested in reliving the experience). It was a little scary...and yes that is my hand grabbing Jenna's leg. Just to point out... the floor of the pod thing was just more comfortable and it was crazy windy. We three had a great time. After the rides and a delicious Italian lunch, we walked to China town. Somehow Mhairi has gotten herself out of all the pictures....I promise she came and had fun! Jenna is off in KoyaSan today and then to Kyoto tomorrow, she wont be back to Tokyo until Thursday. I miss her already but it is good to have some time just with Mhairi as she leaves Japan in a week and I will miss her terribly. I don't even want to think about it.


Nina said...

you look so cute ladies!! :)

suebd said...

The fun never ends!!!

Linden said...

Nope! it never does... well with Mhairi and Jenna leaving me next week the fun does end. But again, trying not to think about it! I have Ani the fabulous and Meredith is coming next month so I have them to help continue the fun.

Anonymous said...

having fun in florida with mom and dad and john and cheryl and geoffy.

miss you - enjoy Jenna