Thursday, April 19, 2007


Hello all,
Well Jenna has been here for a week now. She is in Kamakura today visiting the ancient capital of Japan.
Short recap of her time here so far:
Apr. 12- Arrives in evening and we chill in Asakusa and eat Indian.
Aprl 13- Odaiba for Ashes and Snow exhibit, some time of the beach and at the Fugi Television network building. The while I was at my afternoon school Jenna joined Ani in Harajuku and then to Ani's new place where I met up with them, then we meet up with Mhairi and her cousin David and headed to the Pink Cow for their middle eastern buffet and some belly dancing.
Apr. 14- My mother's bday. Jenna and I headed to Shimo Kitizawa to check out the neighbourhood I love so much, then while I met a student Jenna checked out Shibuya. Then we headed home to nap before heading out to party it up with Mhairi and her cousin. Unfortunately Jenna had to turn back after we headed out as she was just too exhausted (jet leg is a killer) but the three of us continued on and had a fabulous night. I had the best night out clubbing I have ever had, I was dancing up a storm and made a friend. It was amazing.
Apr. 15- After arriving home at 5:30 in the morning, I went to teach a lesson at 10am. Then I met Jenna in Ueno and we had a little picnic in the park which was fabulous. We explored the park and paddled on the duck boats. Then we explored a bit through the alleyways of Ueno. I was exhausted so I headed home while Jenna returned to Harajuku to look around some more. That evening we went for Indian in a\Asakusa with Mhairi and David.
Apr. 16- After work I meet up with Jenna in Ikebukro for a dinner of Okonomaki and some Karaoke! Jenna wanted to get her karaoke feet wet before our big Tuesday night celebration.
Apr. 17 - Afterwork I met up with Jenna, Ani and David in Shinjuku and after a wonderful dinner at Arabian Rock, we headed to our Karaoke palace. We randomly got one of the big rooms on the 7th floor that looks out over shinjuku central, the view was so amazing. We sang our little hearts out and the two hours went by far too fast. Mhairi joined us after she finished work.
Apr. 18 - Cold and wet day. After work Jenna and I made a lovely Udon dinner, did our laundry and made ourselves comfy on the sofa under blankets with a bottle of wine and as much Scrubs as we could watch. When Mhairi arrived home we put on Beerfest which was disappointing.
Apr. 19 - TODAY! Well I am home of my lunch break. Jenna is in Kamakura, Mhairi and Ani at work. Tonight I think we will take it easy. Make dinner, maybe watch another movie as tomorrow we are going to pull and all nighter clubbing in Shibuya with Kochi who I met last Sat at a club in Roppongi.

I think Jenna will head to Kyoto on Monday. She is determined to see Koya-san which is beautiful but that extends her trip out of Tokyo and I will miss her while she is away.

My cousin Meredith booked her flight to Japan the other day! So I will be seeing her mid-may!!! So many exciting things happening!


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