Sunday, April 15, 2007

So many things happening

It has been a long time since I last posted, I am sorry.
So much has happened.
Mhairi cousin came to visit. His name is David and he is very nice. He will be here until Wednesday.
Ani found a new apartment and has moved in. She is living in Mejiro now and loves her new little studio.
I have also found an apartment for when when Mhairi leaves at the end of the month and it is also in Mejiro. I am very excited that Ani and I will be so close to each other. We will be able to walk to each other's places instead of the 30min train ride we have now. My place is a studio as well. I have a little kitchen area and space for a table, a tiny shower/toilet room. The bedroom is a good size and the closets are huge so I am very happy. Mer, you will have a great place to stay when you come! And any other visitors of course!
And my favorite piece of news is that Jenna is here!!!! She arrived on Thursday evening. I love having her here. We have been having an amazing time. She is so much fun, I am treating each day as a little gem cuz three weeks are going to pass so fast and then she will be gone and Mhairi will be gone and I will be sad. Okay no more sad talk.
I will put up more details of my time with Jenna shortly.


suebd said...

And I hear Mer has her tickets! This is an amazing number of visitors.....maybe even another cousin this summer! Well Linden, your dad and I certainly are happy you shared your part of the world with us.

Take care

Linden said...

another cousin?

chenying said...

When you will invite your colleagues (CSR team) to visit your apartment? All of us are curious of your apartment! hahaha...