Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Asian country, another hospital visit.

Well I have been sick for the last month but I think that will now come to an end. Yesterday I ended up at a Tokyo hospital after collapsing in a bookstore onto a pile of books from a dizzy spell (that took for too long to recover from) and bursting into tears when approached by the bookstore staff who were frighten by me but very kind. Turns out I have three separate infections (nothing serious) and now have three doses of antibiotics. The hospital visit was interesting, I was lead around by the hand and told I was getting special treatment....just for me -the helpless foreigner!! Interesting to note, that in a country that makes everything disposable, all the equipment that they used on me was not - stainless steal everything- from tongue depressors to those funnel things they use to look into your ears. They also used a scope to look up my nose and down my throat - cool video...painful process. I was pretty miserable but when I opened the door to the waiting area from the scoping process, I saw Talal, how he manage to find me when I'll I said was JR hospital in Shinjuku I don't know, but it was nice not to be alone. I am on the mend now...I hope anyway. No worries, but felt like sharing.

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