Monday, August 13, 2007

Ashley's Adventure

This is just a quick note about one of my crazy sisters. No this isn't about September.
Ashley is currently camping and trekking her way across Newfoundland with her boyfriend Geoff. She is currently somewhere on the Long Range Mountains. I believe she is experience the true meaning of the world "wilderness". Here is the link if your interested:

I hope we shall here from her soon to know that she hasn't been kidnapped by puffins!!!
It is actually serious stuff, and dangerous hiking. I trust and believe that she has taken all precautions...even though she was more than willing to leave my apt in Tokyo without a map or my phone number, or my address to help guide her back home. I guess if she survived Tokyo she can survive Gros Morne National Park.
Concrete jungle with no street names and not possible sense of direction or order vs. pure wilderness.... she has good training. lol

We who love her are awaiting to get word she and Geoff have had the most fabulous time. And both Ashley and the puffins are safe (I suspect she is as much of a danger to them as they are to her.)


mom said...

Such a great photo trick!!!At first I thought you had heard from her! And did Mer tell you of her excitment- the 29er-by all reports the best youth racing boat! Google it and see. Love, M

ar4mith said...

Hey, how are you? My name is Alvin (my friends call me Aramith) and I'm moving to Ota-shi (NOVA). I googled Shido Palace and saw that you were living there (though I'm not sure if you're still in the same city or in the same apartment). Just curious... how's the apartment size? Just trying to get more info before I move there in 7 days. =) I'd appreciate anything you could tell me about the area and the apartment.