Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This is not my week.

Sometimes I really hate Japan; this would be one of those days. Well I guess to be more accurate, sometimes I really hate Japanese men. Today I was walking to my school and as I was walking down a rather steep hill, I lost my balance and fell on my face, my bag launching out in front of me. It was really quite spectacular. Well the two Japanese men who were walking directly behind me stepped over and around me when I fell. They didn't even turn to look at me. As I struggled to get up and brush the embedded gravel off my hands and knees I was staring at them to see if they would at some point turn around to check on me, they didn't, they just continued on smoking their cigarettes and facing forward. I was so angry, so incredibly angry I had to take a few moments before going into my school in order to calm myself down. I know if a woman had been behind me she would mostly like have checked on me, asked if I was okay. I am still angry, and my hands still burn in pain. I wish I had jerked up my leg to trip the guy as he stepped over me. grrrrrrrrrr (my replacement for the obscenities I would like to express) grrrrrrrrrrrr Japanese men!!!!

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mom said...

A little window on society only a fall will give you. Ouch. Glad you were not really hurt. You would think that in a densly populated part of the world you would be taken better care of. So glad your hospital and book store experience told a different story.
Love Mom