Friday, August 03, 2007

Graeme's visit

so Graeme's visit:
Graeme's visit was super brief but really nice. I picked him up at the airport last sat and we went right to Asakusa for the fireworks festival. They were expecting about a million people and I am guess they got that although we never got to see a larger area full of people (as that kind of space doesn't exist), all the streets that would allow a view were jammed with people. Graeme and I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going but somehow we got ourselves in a large group of people that would cross one of the main bridges over the Samudi river as the fireworks were going off. The view was amazing. Two fireworks companies were competing for the best show on opposite ends of the river. The fireworks go on for about an hour, we saw only half but what we saw was so amazing and we wanted to get going before the crowds headed for the trains so we decided to leave after we crossed the bridge.
We grabbed some food from the food stalls and then headed to my place so Graeme could crash before getting up early and heading to the airport- a journey I also accompanied him on so as not to waste any potential time together.
Short but great.


mom said...

So hard to pack in all you would like to in an overnight visit- the fireworks sound amazing! I imagine Graeme is excited about his new job; certainly their will be the same kind of adaptation to a new culture as you have had.
Talk soon, Love Mom

Kate said...

Linden! You always manage to get so many amazing things squeezed into such short periods of time with your visitors! I'm so impressed that you constantly take advantage of the region you live in and that you are such a dedicated and creative hostess!! Sounds like a beautiful evening, even if it WAS a short visit...
xo Kate