Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot summer days in Tokyo

So the other day Talal and I went to Shimokitizawa. He had never been so of course I had to show him. Here are some pictures....ahh Tokyo in the summer. Just moving makes one yes I am aware I look exhausted.
Just a quick note: Tokyo has been steadily in the mid to high 30s for a few weeks now and the temp isn't expected to change. Yesterday was 37degrees....before the humidix!!! I swear if they factored that in the temperature would be listed in the 40s. Conclusion: VERY VERY HOT AND HUMID!!


chiaki said...

how are you!?
u look so happy wiz ur bf!
u r still in tokyo rnt u?
shani is leavin here on the 22nd of aug!
i start workin as a teacher from the end of sep!

if you have an enough time ,please come back to ota be4 u leave!

mom said...

Oh, is it you look as cool as a cucumber? Lovely to see the photos.