Monday, January 28, 2008

Goodbye Sydney

Hello all!
I just want to shout out a Happy Birthday to Isabell!! I am so gald we got to celebrate you before I left!
So here I am still in Sydney for the moment. I spent most of yesterday biking around the city which was amzing but I am feeling it today. Loads of walking too.
I have tones of pictures that I want to upload for you all. I hope I will be able to do that tonight.
I am off to the beach today. I am meet up with some family friends.
I am so excited to spend the day on the beach!!!
Sydney has been great.
Beautiful city!! It is a total cross between Halifax and Toronto. If Australia wasn't so far from everything I could easily see moving here. I feel very much at home here.
Well my minutes are almost done.
I must say goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linden, We are back from the cottage so I can finally see your blog. Happy to know you are having a fine time, and to get a sense of Australia through you...I went for a hike today ploughing through powder snow to the tops of my ski-doo boots. You would have loved it!!!!!Oh, and have a nice time at the beach.
Love Mom

Mavis said...

Interesting to know.