Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well here I am in LA! I arrived yesterday afternoon and picked up my bags just as September pulled up. Fabulous timing if I do say so myself.
We sped off on the famous LA freeways, entered the downtown that was cloaked in smog, and then around to Los Feliz village that September calls home. Her place is fabulous. I will update with pictures later. She has made her place into a palace with the best bedroom I have ever seen!
After settling in we took off to a big event downtown. This event was for Alex Grey ( He is an LSD/DMT/Ayahuasca inspired artist. I don't know what all of those do but he mentioned me.... often. His work has been made famous by the band Tool. He gave a lecture at the event which was... well okay. He wanted to talk about the relationship between humans and the cosmos in art over the centuries, which is a cool topic and if not exactly a new one, however his talk was a little disjointed. He was showing slides of ancient pieces of sculptures, paintings, and architecture but sometimes he was talking about how they related to the cosmos, sometimes he was just pointing out their similarity to our sexual organs, sometimes he was just seemed to be showing them because they were cool. I really don't think his audience noticed though. All in all it was a really cool event that drew that crazy LA scene. It was quite an eclectic group of people of all ages. The best part was that I would say over a quarter of the people looked like people the would provide really stimulating conversation. I loved that! Some people were, well to you the derogatory term "off the reservation", but there were only a couple of them. Feathers, fedoras, and glitter were the main accessories. I was definitely feeling the need for feathers. Some people were rocking out, or "trancing out" with all three. Turbans were also popular, as was body jewels, crystals, but stilettos and suits were also in the crowd, as were the british rocker chic look. It was a feast for the eyes! I tried to take in as much as I could. September and I didn't stay that long, well three hours, but the event was going all night. We then hit up Fred 62, and all night dinner and totally rock star hang out. After stuffing ourselves we came home and crashed. 
My internal clock woke my up at 5am. So I had a few hours sleep.
Today we are going hiking up to the Hollywood. Then shopping, then to a mud wrestling birthday party. I LOVE LA!!

Enjoy the pics. There are more but I am having trouble loading them. I will try again later.

More to come.

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