Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January on the beach! I could get used to this...

Well the last two days have been pretty exciting. I am so happy here with Tem and well you know.. sun. I have seen a lot of LA but there is still SOOO much I haven't seen. The city goes on forever!!On saturday Tem and I went hiking with Chuee. That 
was fabulous! I love the desert environment. The mountains are so amazing. We didn't do too much else on sat as Tem and I were both sick.
Yesterday we went to Venice beach and Malibu in the morning. Then in the afternoon I met up with my friend Ani who was in Japan with me and we walked all o
ver Studio City and up to Universal City. We did s
ooo much walking. It was crazy! No on
e was out walking! and it was sunday and gorgeously sunny! I
n the late afternoon I met up with Tem again and we went out to Manhattan beach to visit her friend Jimmy and his girlfriend Laura. Jimmy was sick so we didn't stay too long but we walked on the beach and I got some pictures of the sunset. We then stopped in at an Out
door supply store like MEC and I bought the last minute th
ings I will need for my trip- cable locks, a watch, sleep sheet, stuff like that.
Today we have a long list of "to do"s.
More later.

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