Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shopping shopping shopping!!

The problem is, that the equation Target+Clearance= Broken Bank, just does not make sense when one starts out at the fabulous US chain store. But it can very easily be a reality. Tem and I had a little too much fun shopping today. We hit up Target, Forever 21, Express, MAC, and American Apparel. Lets just say I will be a very well dressed backpacker.We took a little shopping break and lunched at Terroni's, famous in TO, and now smoking up the LA scene. 
We didn't stop there, after our late lunch, we picked up Chuee and headed back to Griffith Park to do some hiking. The sky was getting really stormy, and it made for some fabulous pictures.
I think we might stay in today and snuggle up in front of the fire, but we may hit up the town. There's no stopping the Deathe sisters!


Anonymous said...

Linden, it sounds like "I will pick that up in LA....or Sydney" for all the things you were meaning to do has been completed. So that empty pack you left with now has some stuff in it. I am relieved. I love all this hiking! Tem looks the picture of health. Glad you are having a good time.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Linden and September,
You two look happy and healthy..must be the sunny CA beach life, and shopping and talking all night and eating etc.. Linden, have a great time. And September, we send our love to you and hope we see you in 2008.
Jamie & Joy