Friday, March 21, 2008

Down South

Sorry it has been so long.
I will update soon.
I am still in Thailand. I left Bangkok shortly after my last post. I have been in the south visiting my friend Viki. We went to Krabi which was paradise. And then I went to Phuket to go diving in the Similan islands area. The diving was wonderful.
I am now back with Viki in Nahkon and tonight we will take the ferry to Koh Pangnang. We were planing to go to Koh Tao but I have to get back to Bangkok to drop of my chinese visa application, see Ayuutthaya, and visit my Thai family and then it is off to India.
Sorry I have not been taking pictures. I have not really been in the mood.
I am loving being with Viki and her roommate Kristin.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Linden, Good to see a communication. Are you on the look out for fabrics? Thailand and India are the places I think. I dearly want to make a quilt of your travels...what an amazing year you have designed for yourself!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Anonymous said...

Hi Linden,
Happy Easter! Nana & grandad are celebrating spring with us in our subzero weather. It is not at all like spring but the longer days make a positive difference (can you notice that I am not complaining?).
They will visit for a week because Cameron auditions for the music department at Dal next Friday and I'll drive them (+ Cameron) to Halifax on Thursday evening the 27th.
Meredith is home for Easter -she says hi. She is heavily into research on woman in music videos for her course on contemporary music,'ll no doubt have a good long discussion on the topic when she finishes her research.
Thinking of you and your daily adventures.