Monday, March 24, 2008

Heading back up

I have just left the islands...or rather I am waiting to leave.

I head to Bangkok tonight on the overnight sleeper train. When I arrive, after I drop off my application for a visa to the Chinese Embassy ( I still have hopes to go to Tibet) I wil head straight to Ayutthaya before returning to Bangkok to pick up my visa on Friday, visit my Thai family and then fly to India. I was able to get my ticket moved so I arrive early on the morning of the 30th, a day before I was originally set to arrive.

Koh Phangnag was amazing. Beautiful and I wish I could have stayed a week.
I have been having such a great time with Viki and Kristin. I have been thinking so much about Muskoka while here...very strange. Not homesick though, but maybe beig with two Canadian girls has made me think about home a bit. They are now off to Koh Tao....and I drag my feet to Bangkok. Ayutthaya will be great though. I am looking forward to that.

Happy Easter everyone.
The girls and I treated ourselves to a Mars Bar was amazing. pure sin. I loved it.
No easter eggs for me this year, but my parents are more than welcome to pick up some on sale and save them for my return... :)

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Anonymous said...

We will see what we can do....the is a dark chocolate bunny waiting anyway. I hope you are taking pictures again when you get to the ancient capital- sure to be photo worthy.
My "spring cleaning" is packing up the kitchen in preparation for the renno....exciting!!!