Saturday, March 08, 2008


That's right, I have finally arrived. I am sorry I couldn't give Malaysia more of a chance, but Thailand was calling.
I am in Bangkok on Khao San road. I am really enjoying reacquainting myself with the area. Many things are just as I remember them. Restaurants and shops bring back memories and conversations. I passed and Internet cafe today and I could actually remember the emails I wrote from there four years ago. There were I few places I was looking for in particular. My hair is in a very bad state and I have been waiting get to Bangkok so I could return to my old salon. It has done well for itself in the last four years, they place has gotten a face lift and looks very stylish now. It was so busy that I could not get an appointment until tomorrow!!
There is lots and lots to buy but I am not really in the mood to spend money, but the more I walk down the road the more my eyes see things they want.
Tomorrow I am supposed to meet Graeme. That will be nice. Right now I am just enjoying being in the familiar.
I want to send out a bunch a birthday wishes. March seems to be a major birthday month.
March 3rd- My little nice Quoia turned 6!! (and got a phone call from her auntie in Malaysia)
March 5th- Graeme is officially old at 25.
March 6th- My dear Lianne also became officially old with her 25th.
March 6th- My Auntie Sue, radiant from her journey to India celebrated her birthday.
March 8th- Ebony, an old old friend, turns 24. Happy Bday Ebony, I am thinking about you today.
March 11th- The fabulous Justine will turn 25...also officially old.

I hope I am not forgetting anyone and I have a little break in bday before my bro's, my mom's, and the fabulous Theo's, all in April.
Well that is basically it for me.
I may have to go get myself another massage.....hmm so good.
I will definitely be downing a Chang!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linden, Hope all continues to be great in Thailand! Waiting to hear.I have had a lovely weekend in NS with your maritime cousins. Write me at g'parents....Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to James!

Dumuro said...

See Here or Here

Anonymous said...

love you


Anonymous said...

Need an update- did you get your hair cut?...Mom

Kalar said...

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Anonymous said...

Phuket sounds and looks like paradise! Hope you are feeling better and can take in some of the underwater sights(I have been doing my research!)
Nice to hear your voice-Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaand you are in Thailand ... anything else? lol
what have you been doing the last few weeks!?

>> Nina

Anonymous said...

Alex is a teenager as of today...the first day of spring!