Saturday, March 01, 2008

Singapore- all of asia in one city

The city it great. It is like a more multi-cultural, more western, more new version of Tokyo. It is so cool. For those of you who don't know, Singapore's official language is English, that is what school is taught in but the city state itself is a collection of many asian ethnicities and just as many or more languages. Singlish is the English slang spoken here. It takes a bit of getting used to but it makes sense, kind of.
Within 5 minutes of checking into my hostel last night I was invited out by a german girl and her friends. Jenni has been here on an internship and lastnight was her last night and she wanted to go karoaking. Could I possibly turn that down?!! Unforunately the karoake place was full, so we headed over to a beautiful old street with tones of restaurants and bars. After a few drinks we headed to one of Signapore's maga clubs but apparently not near the biggest. Tonight one of my new Turkish friends has invited me out to the mega mega club, there are like 8 clubs in this building and it is a must see. So looks like my time in Singapore will be out nightlife. All fun. Today however is about laundry. and food. I am staying in Little India, I have not eaten all day and the smells of curry and nan are driving me crazy!
I put up some scuba pics.


Anonymous said...

Cheers! Great to hear your voice as we passed the phone around. I know you are looking forward to the Now and What Comes Next but I can't help my inner sense that it is time for you to come back home!
Keep posting!
With love

Linden said...

sorry not home time yet. Honestly I would extend it if not for a very important man's birthday.

Akicage said...

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Anonymous said...

CBC said today that Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world!?! Could that be true? This multi-cultural sounds exciting.
Love Mom

Linden said...

Toronto is the most multi-cultural city in the world. that is true, and a fact I am very proud of. It has been listed as the most multi-cultural for all of my time there if not more, and always a piece of info I share to those I meet overseas. Sydney pushes its multi-culturalism, tries to make itself sound like it is number one... I had to correct some people. Sydney tourism doesn't lie, it says it is one of the most...some people mistake this as it being the MOST...but I set them right. no worry TO, I got your back!