Friday, March 07, 2008


Well I have been in Malaysia for a few days now. I was in Melaka, and now I am in Kuala Lumpur. Melaka was quite, sleeping, and well dead. Nice historical town, but better on a weekend.
KL is okay. It isn't a huge city. Small by Asian standards. I thought it would be a lot bigger. It is walkable. Well the main city center areas are.
I went to some Hindu caves today. That was cool.
Last night (when I arrived), I met up with a nice Polish guy, who is a dive instructor in Puhket. Today I met a funky English woman. She stopped me to ask directions (that always happens) and we ended up spending the afternoon together. I showed her Chinatown and the layout of the city. She is travelling for 8 months and did the Kiwi Burn in NZ. Apparently it is like Burning Man in the states but on a farm in NZ...they had sheep floats!! how amazing is that! I so could have been there!! It was the first week in Feb. Oh well, next time. My not going to NZ is increasingly becoming a regret. some day.
My time in Malaysia has not be lonely.
Malaysia is not that interesting to me though. It is very multicultural, which was a surprise to me. The Malay are the original people to the area, then came the Chinese, then the Arabs bring Islam, then the Portuguese, then Dutch, then English who brought the Indians and more Chinese. Malaysia also borders Thailand and Indonesia so there are many influences from those countries. Chinatowns and Little Indias seem to be present in even the smaller towns.
Malaysia is not winning me over. Bali still rules. I always miss Thailand. Might head there tomorrow. More diving!!!


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Anonymous said...

Nothing gives you more perspective on the world, than seeing it firsthand. If you can't get there yourself, read an interesting travel log! Thanks for the window on Malaysia..

Mark Chandler said...

I enjoy your blog, very well written and insightful. Keep me interested.