Monday, October 09, 2006

First Thanksgiving Away from Home/Cottage

Well it is Thanksgiving in Canada and the few Canadians now currently living in the Ota area got together for a thanksgiving dinner and some fabulous Karaoke. After a busy day at work (the weekends are always busy at Nova) I came home to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for Ani, Nina, Mhairi and our other Canadian friend who lives in Kiriu a short distance away. For those of you who know how much I love cooking you wont be surprised to read this....and yes I will go into detail thank you very much! I made chicken breasts stuffed with baked squash (seasoned with cinnamon and maple syrup), creamed corn and mashed potatoes. That was fabulous if I do say so myself and was very filling but that wasn't all... Oh no I also made baked apples with maple syrup and cinnamon, and crepes with nutella, raspberries and banana slices. Yeah it was pretty great. The best part for me was that I made it with a very limited kitchen.... a toaster oven, a gas rang and limited utensils. As we did not have enough forks and knives for five I ate with chopsticks. Oh I must give Mhairi credit for the crepes, she did a wonderful job with them and we had a great time making them. I think we ruined as many as we ended up with but all turned out in the end, however the stress of it all did make for a great deal of laughs, a few moments when tears could have appeared, and many moments when Mhairi would have been justified in "drop-kicking" me. ( Yes my dear roommate has something like 11 years of self defense training and other crazy ways of causing bodily harm, but I remain unbruised. Yes she has patience, I know. I am still waiting to find her braking point...hehe). So dinner was a success and we all heading out to the Karaoke bar across the street for some beer and for some fabulously horrible singing. Total Eclipse of the Heart was worries there. Myself and a few others are in terrible pain from the meal though. Our stomachs are not the size they used to be after a month in Japan but our eyes were as hungry as ever.....The combination has resulted in many groans, unbuttoning of paints, and general feelings of discomfort and pain which can follow a large feast.
Happy Thanksgiving all.
p.s. While working at starbucks, I once described a chai latte as a warm hug with a hint of cinnamon. Today I treated myself to a Chai latte from starbucks. I cant afford such drinks but hey man, it is thanksgiving and I am in Ota, I needed my warm hug with a hint of cinnamon! Mother of God, it was good!


tony said...

Hi Linden

You've inspired me...

Keep up the good work.

Mom said...

Dear Linden
Sounds divine....and resourceful...

your parents said...

How often will you be posting?....nothing new the last 6 times I checked:)
Mom and Dad